Your Guide To YouTube Marketing

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DateMar 27, 2019
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    Everybody today is talking about Twitter and Facebook, however exactly what many people do not recognize is that YouTube marketing is among the most underutilized and undervalued marketing channels for small companies. There are 4 billion views every day and over 880 million special users monthly.

    That implies your perfect audience, your perfect consumers are out there waiting to be engaged. This workshop will teach you the clinical technique to tactical marketing on YouTube. We’ll reveal you ways to establish a winning video method to obtain views, ways to movie reliable videos rapidly, and ways to transform those views to leads and sales.

    Section 1Your Guide To YouTube Marketing part 1
    Lecture 1Youtube ads introduction
    Lecture 2Different Types Of Ads & How To Use Theme
    Lecture 3Linking to Your Website
    Lecture 4Linking an Adwords Account
    Lecture 5Blueprint for In-Display Advertising
    Section 2Your Guide To YouTube Marketing part 2
    Lecture 6Creating In-Display Ads
    Lecture 7Using Camtasia The easy Way
    Lecture 8Keywords Research In-Display
    Lecture 9Thumbnails That Get Clicked On
    Lecture 10Uploading & Optimization
    Section 3Your Guide To YouTube Marketing part 3
    Lecture 11Secret To Funnel Traffic
    Lecture 12Setting Up Your In-Display Ad Part 1
    Lecture 13Setting Up Your In-Display Ad Part 2
    Lecture 14Little Know Benefits
    Lecture 15Youtube ads strategy
    Section 4Your Guide To YouTube Marketing part 4
    Lecture 16Channel Research for High ROI Placements
    Lecture 17In-Stream Targeting
    Lecture 18Optimizing & Running a Smooth Business
    Lecture 19Split-Testing Your Way to Success
    Lecture 20Scaling Up
    Section 5Your Guide To YouTube Marketing part 5
    Lecture 21Outro
    Lecture 22Webinars for Extra Income
    Lecture 23Getting a Coupon for Adwords
    Lecture 24Keywords For Your Channel
    Lecture 25Google Plus For Additional Exposure